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After you’ve purchased a luxury model from the Acura line, why not take things up a notch? Any of the available authentic Acura accessories take your already impressive ride and enhance its allure. Whether you want added comfort, convenience, security, or entertainment options, Acura offers an abundance of accessories to help you customize your Acura exactly to your preferences. Whatever you don’t see on the comprehensive, model-specific accessories lists, you’re sure to find in any of the available packages.

Since 1986, Acura has delivered performance-oriented, luxury vehicles to highways and backroads across the United States. Known for its “Precision Crafted Performance,” the brand is best at taking its own designs and creating the perfect bells and whistles to make them even better.

So, what’s your preference? There is sure to be a genuine Acura accessory carefully designed to exceed your expectations.

Only the Best from Acura

Acura has long been an award-winning brand and it continues to garner accolades as it evolves. Ever-competitive, the Acura brand consistently creates competitive models in their respective segments, always keeping the game interesting. Although the brand has entered the supercar territory with its NSX (starting MSRP $156,000), its base is represented by five time-tested models: the ILX, TLX, RLX, RDX, and MDX, each one celebrated for its own unique merits.

For the 2017 model year alone, the brand itself nabbed some impressive distinctions. First of all, Vincentric named Acura the Best Value Luxury SUV Brand for 2017. In keeping with a similar theme, Kelly Blue Book ranked Acura as its Top-Rated Luxury Brand for 5-Year Cost of Ownership. In model-specific accolades, the TLX, RDX, and MDX models have all been designated 2017 Consumer Guide Best Buys.

Naturally, since consumers have come to expect only the best from the Acura lineup, regardless of model, it’s no surprise that Acura accessories are held to the same standard. Even less surprising is that Acura delivers. When you’re ready to customize your award-winning Acura model, trust the brand that offers only the best in its accessories.

This year’s Acura lineup includes the compact sport sedan, ILX; the performance luxury sedan, TLX; the brand’s flagship luxury sedan, RLX; the RDX luxury crossover SUV, and finally, the third-row luxury SUV, MDX.

Notice how many times luxury is used in Acura model designations. There’s good reason for that and, depending on season and specification, plenty of accessories to enhance each model even further.

Types of Accessories

Although an exhaustive list can be accessed on Acura’s brand website, the following represent suggestions for each of the models listed above, along with a few reasons of explanation supporting each one. A quick review of the site and specific models shows that Acura organizes accessories options according to three helpful categories: In-Season, Exterior, and Interior. Or, shoppers can simply access a list of All Accessories available per model.

ILX – Compact Sport Sedan

As it name implies, the Acura ILX is the sportiest entrant into the current model lineup. Rather than rest on its laurels, the ILX can be further equipped with In-Season accessories like an Aero Kit, Decklid Spoiler, LED fog lights, and Body Side Molding. Exterior accessories include a Splash Guard Set, Chrome Mirror Covers and Door Trim, and 18-inch Diamond-Cut Alloy Wheels. Interior options include accessories like All-Season Floor Mats, an Automatic Dimming Mirror, and an Illuminated Door Sill Trim.

In addition to its full list of accessories, two packages are available. The Protection Package I includes a Trunk Tray, Wheel Locks, and All-Season Floor Mats, while the Protection Package II offers the same, but swaps out the All-Season Floor Mats for Splash Guards.

TLX – Performance Luxury Sedan

Boosting both luxury and performance, Acura offers its TLX In-Season accessories like LED fog lights, 19-inch Berlina Black Diamond-Cut Alloy Wheels, a Sun Shade, All-Season Floor Mats, Body Side Molding, and Front, Side, and Rear Underbody Spoilers. Exterior accessories include Chrome Trim Details on Doors, a Rear Decklid Spoiler, and Body-Color Front and Rear Splash Guards. Inside, the Acura TLX can be enhanced with useful accessories like a Trunk Tray, Cargo Storage Dividers and a heated steering wheel.

Optional packages for the TLX include Protection Packages I and II; All-Season Protection Packages I and II, and an Aero Kit.

RLX – Luxury Flagship Sedan

Starting with the available In-Season accessories, Acura provides RLX drivers with Splash Guards and 19-inch Chrome-Look Alloy Wheels. For interior enhancements, consider accessories like a Carpet Trunk Mat, Illuminated Door Sill Trim, and All-Season Floor Mats. Exterior accessories feature special, brand-exclusive Body Side Molding, among others like a Car Cover, Splash Guard Set, and Rear Bumper Applique.

Ideal for drivers in challenging climates, the Remote Engine Start III Package, features a two-way remote control with LED lights that signal the status of the RDX. Remote Engine Start also gives drivers the ability to access Automatic Climate Control for heat or air-conditioning before entering the vehicle. Set for a 10-minute runtime, drivers have the option of extending that time by an additional 10-minutes. The RDX Remote Engine Start III package comes with two transmitters – always good to have backup.

RDX – Luxury Crossover SUV

The RDX is customizable courtesy of suggested In-Season accessories like Body Side Molding, 18-inch Black Diamond-Cut Alloy Wheels, Sport Running Boards, a Roof Mount Bike Attachment, and LED Fog Lights. A Cargo Liner, Cargo Cover, and Rear Seat Covers protect the interior of the RDX. Outside, Chrome touches are everywhere and ocean-lovers will surely appreciate the available Surfboard Attachment.

The RDX offers a third-tier of the Protection Package. The Protection Package III ($351) affords Wheel Locks, All-Season Floor Mats, and a Cargo Tray – all created from high-quality materials to better protect the interior.  

MDX – Three-Row Luxury SUV

Named the Best Luxury Three-Row SUV for the Money by U.S. News & World Report, the 2017 Acura MDX is also Edmunds Most Wanted Luxury Midsize SUV. In other words, MDX drivers are starting from a banner-year baseline. But, as with all Acura models, the MDX can be made even better….

More than ready to embark on adventure and do so in utmost style, the MDX offers 20-inch Berlina Black Alloy Wheels, a Moonroof Visor, Splash Guards, LED Fog Lights, and a Kayak Attachment. Similar to the RDX, the MDX’s interior can be better protected from the elements and general wear-and-tear, courtesy of the available Cargo Net, Cargo Cover, and All-Season Floor Mats. Advanced Chrome Running Boards and 20-inch Dark Chrome-Look Alloy Wheels are just two of the optional exterior accessories.  

Packages available on the MDX include Protection Packages II and III, along with the All-Season Protection Package ($438), delivering Splash Guards, All-Season Floor Mats, and a Living Hinge Cargo Tray.

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