The Inside Scoop on a Synthetic Oil Change

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Has your mechanic ever asked you what type of oil you want for your oil change, while you stare back at them confused? If you are not a car expert, you may not know which type of oil you should use in your car. In fact, you may not have even known you had a choice of different oil options.

If you have ever been unsure of what to say when the topic of motor oil comes up, be sure to check out this article. You can learn all you need to know about synthetic oil, and why it might be a good option for you.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Conventional oil for your car is petroleum-based. On the other hand, synthetic oil is chemically engineered to perform better for your vehicle. Synthetic oil is made in a lab, and it is extracted from crude oil, but then, it is refined to extract more impurities.

Basically, synthetic oil is designed to work better with modern engines. For example, synthetic oil provides better protection for your engine in extreme temperatures because it is designed to lubricate your engine faster than conventional motor oil. It also has less friction than conventional motor oil, which increases the engine protection. Synthetic oil also has a higher resistance to thermal breakdown, so it can perform better for your engine for longer than conventional oil.

Synthetic oil could be a great option for your Acura vehicle; however, synthetic oil does cost more than conventional oil, so some people don’t think to use it. Check out some of the reasons to make the switch to synthetic oil below.

Reasons for Making the Switch to Synthetic

If you are unsure what type of oil to choose for your next oil change, check out a few reasons to consider synthetic oil right here:

  • Helps Vehicle Performance – Synthetic motor oil can allow for better vehicle performance because it is designed to help your engine work better. One example of this would be that your engine performs better in low temperatures because the oil lubricates the engine faster.
  • Extends Engine Life – Synthetic oil can help extend the life of your engine for a few different reasons. First, synthetic oil offers better lubrication overall, which reduces the friction in the moving parts of your engine. Synthetic oil also leaves less residue on the engine’s components, which keeps your engine working better for longer.
  • Requires Oil Change Less Frequently – When you choose to use synthetic oil, you might pay more upfront, but you can go get your oil changed less frequently. This is because synthetic oil does not break down as quickly as conventional oil. It is designed to last longer.

Sunnyside Acura serves the Hillsborough County and Merrimack Valley regions as well as Nashua and surrounding towns for synthetic oil changes. At Sunnyside Acura, we are available for any questions or concerns you may have about your vehicle, and if you would like to schedule an oil change, you can do so here.

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