Acura Oil Change NH

Acura Oil Change NHRegular oil changes are integral to keeping your vehicle running, but an Acura service center that you can count on is even more important for your peace of mind and your car’s health. Our convenient hours, including new Sunday openings, allow you to come in when it’s best for you and you can be sure we’ll get you back on the road with minimal disruption to your day.

Acura drivers in NH can turn to the service department at Sunnyside Acura for routine auto service like oil changes and filter replacement. Our service center is home to Acura- and ASE-Certified service technicians who provide professional oil change and filter replacement services on all makes. Whether you drive an Acura or another make, know that we will utilize the recommended oil and oil filter for your specific vehicle application. Every Acura oil change service at our service department is treated to genuine Acura or Acura-approved filters and oil.

For a prompt and professional oil change for your MDX, RDX, TLX, ILX or another Acura luxury vehicle, it is tough to match the service at Sunnyside Acura.


Unlike typical oil change shops, our service department specializes in the comprehensive maintenance and service of Acura cars and SUVs. Our prices are highly competitive, too, whether you seek only an oil change and filter replacement, or other maintenance like tire service, new battery replacement and brakes repair.

Regular Oil Changes Make the Difference

Most drivers already know that oil acts as a lubricant for the engine, but the team at our New Hampshire Acura Service Center knows that it goes far beyond that. Clean oil also acts to clean, cool, coat, and protect your engine’s myriad moving parts.

While the duration between oil changes will vary depending on your vehicle, the type of oil, and the driving conditions you encounter, most experts agree that you should change the oil and filter every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for your manufacturer’s recommendation.

The service department at Sunnyside Acura has been providing timely and dependable service to NH Acura drivers for years. Our factory trained service technicians have the training and tools to provide quality Acura service, whether you need an oil change, tire rotation, or brake maintenance.

If you don’t remember your last oil change, then you’re definitely past due! Before you add any more miles to the odometer, be sure to contact our Acura service technicians to schedule a quick and easy oil change today!

Our Acura Service Department Knows What Your Vehicle Needs

Sunnyside Acura

When you’re getting an oil change, there are four types of oil for you to choose from. Conventional motor oil is just as it sounds – conventional. This oil is used most often and is usually the cheapest oil you can find at your local auto parts store. This is the type of oil you’ll get from most quick oil change shops. Most of these oils adhere to proper standards, but offer little in the way of oil additives.

High-mileage motor oil is also fairly self explanatory. Many vehicles out on the road today have more than 75,000 miles and this kind of oil is made for these vehicles. With added seal conditioners, the oil is able to expand and increase the flexibility of internal engine seals, help reduce burn-off, and helps in sealing oil leaks.

Synthetic blend motor oil is a mixture of conventional oil and full synthetic oil. This blend is made for vehicles that deal with heavy loads or high intervals of high RPM usage and the higher engine temperature. If you have a truck or sport utility vehicle that gets regular use in towing trailers or pulling heavy loads, this is the oil for you.

Synthetic motor oil is made for high-tech engines and must pass many tests to prove that they have superior and long-lasting performance from the viscosity index to protection against engine deposits. Viscosity refers to the oils ability to flow, and synthetic oils flow better at low temperatures and provide maximum lubrication at high temperatures.

While it offers unbelievable protection, they are often three times more expensive than conventional motor oils and not always necessary for your engine.

You should consult your owner’s manual to see if your engine needs this kind of oil, as synthetic oils show no real advantage when used on vehicles that do not call for it.

Schedule Your Genuine Acura Oil Change Service


Our team of trained auto technicians in Nashua, NH performs a high volume of oil changes each day, so we can get your vehicle in and out of service quickly. Whether you stop in for an oil change or schedule service ahead of time via our schedule service online form or by calling our service advisors, you will receive timely and professional auto service for your Acura or other make at Sunnyside Acura.

Remember, the next time your Acura or other make of automobile needs an oil change, trust it to the auto service experts at Sunnyside Acura!