Why Do Acura Vehicles Have Two Screens?

Question: Why Do Acura Vehicles Have Two Screens?


To provide an enhanced experience and cut down on dashboard button clutter, Acura vehicles feature a dual-screen system.

The top screen is an 8-inch display that does not feature touchscreen capabilities. It functions as a display only for functions like navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, backup and 360-degree cameras, as well as general audio or bluetooth information. When prompted to make settings changes on this display for navigation or smartphone integration, the main control knob below the bottom screen is used to move through menus and make selections.

The bottom screen is a 7-inch touchscreen display that acts as the hub for controlling audio sources, climate control, and heated/cooled seats. For navigation and phone settings, it also acts as a typepad or numberpad for easy entry.

The displays are set up this way to offer always-on access to information like navigation or audio, while also allowing the driver to change other settings.