What is the 2019 TLX’s Integrated Dynamics System?

Acura Integrated Dynamics System

Question: What is the 2019 TLX’s Integrated Dynamics System?


A lot of new vehicles today feature added driving modes to enhance the driving experience or help save fuel economy. The enhanced driving mode is typically called “Sport Mode,” and the efficient mode is called “Economy Mode.”

But with the release of the 2019 Acura TLX, Acura wanted to add more sports car-like features to the reliable luxury sedan. They’ve managed to do this with the looks, but also by adding a few drive modes to make the TLX an all-in-one vehicle. One that you can drive daily to work like a business commuter, and one that you can enjoy on the weekend like a sports car.

The added drive modes are a part of a system called the Integrated Dynamics System (IDS). These modes are:

  • Normal – Like the name suggests, this is the balanced driving mode made for everyday driving.
  • Economy – If you’re looking to improve fuel economy, Economy Mode will adjust the sensitivity of the throttle to prevent the engine from creating power unnecessarily. It also forces Automatic Climate Control features to use less power to reduce strain on the engine.
  • Sport – For a more engaged driving experience, Sport Mode increases steering feel by reducing power steering assist. Throttle sensitivity is increased to improve response levels from the transmission. And finally, the Active Sound Control is adjusted to allow for a more aggressive engine sound.
  • Sport+ – Doing all of the above Sport Mode features, Sport+ holds revs longer to create an even more aggressive driving experience. It also reduces climate control to allow for maximum performance from the engine.