2019 Acura RDX vs. 2018 Honda CR-V

2019 Acura RDX vs. 2018 Honda CR-V

One of the biggest decisions many SUV buyers make is between standard and luxury models. Two of the best selling crossover SUVs in their respective categories are the Honda CR-V and Acura RDX.

While a lot separates these models, many buyers compare them to find out if upgrading to a luxury model is worth it. And with the release of the all-new 2019 Acura RDX, it’s the perfect time to compare it to the 2018 Honda CR-V.

Below, we’ll show you the differences between the 2019 Acura RDX vs. 2018 Honda CR-V to help you decide if the luxury SUV brings enough value to beat the CR-V.


With its all-new design, the 2019 Acura RDX enters its third generation. Featuring Acura’s new signature design language, hallmarked by its diamond pentagon grille, the 2019 RDX has more sports car-like aggressive look and feel compared the the outgoing 2018 model. With sharp lines in the new headlight and taillight design, as well as beautiful body lines on the side of the chassis, the RDX has a unique look that makes it appear to be in motion, even at a full stop.

The 2018 Honda CR-V, which was also recently redesigned, features a modern look with Honda’s new grille design and wheel options. While maintaining the shape that CR-V is known for, the new model does add a fresh look.

Compared the the RDX, however, the CR-V does look tame. The sweeping body lines and longer side profile makes it clear that the RDX is the luxury model. And when combined with the A-Spec package, the RDX looks even more aggressive.

The 2019 Acura RDX A-Spec package provides the SUV with blacked-out trim, large black wheels, exclusive A-Spec badging, and large dual exhaust that stand out from not just the standard RDX model, but most crossover SUVs in general.

Interior and Technology

In this day and age, the interior of a vehicle is just as important as the exterior. To some, the interior and technology included may even be more important than looks. So manufacturers have to go above and beyond to ensure their SUVs feature the latest and greatest tech, but also have the comfort and other interior amenities that buyers expect.

And when you step inside the 2019 Acura RDX, you’ll understand that Acura chose to go above and beyond to ensure they impressed buyers. The new interior design is called the “Acura Precision Cockpit,” and it shows a new level of innovation and luxury that future models will follow.

The first thing that will catch your attention about the quality and sophistication of the new design. The interior feels high quality thanks to the use of high-grade, real materials like aluminum and real wood. Sitting down, the seats feel incredible, made from full-grain Milano leather. Looking up, you’ll be greeted by a panoramic moonroof that comes standard on all 2019 RDX models.

Looking at the 2018 Honda CR-V in comparison, there’s a clear difference in quality compared to the RDX. The seats are less spacious and the infotainment and dash doesn’t have the same sophisticated vibe upon first look. There is an option for wood trim in some CR-V models, but it’s a fake wood with a plastic-like look and feel. The CR-V does not offer a panoramic moonroof option, but a one-panel moonroof does come standard with most of the model’s trims.

In terms of technology, both the RDX and CR-V offer plenty of options to keep buyers happy. The RDX offers more on its standard model than the CR-V, as buyers have to upgrade to at least the EX model in order to get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The RDX comes standard with a 10.2-inch ultrawide display for its True Touchpad infotainment system, with Apple CarPlay standard on all models. Android Auto on the RDX has been announced as coming soon, but is not yet a feature.

Acura simplifies the process of getting the best tech on the 2019 RDX by offering models with a Technology Package. This package adds navigation with 3D view, an Acura-exclusive 12-speaker ELSE Studio audio system, upgraded premium Milano leather sport seats, and premium safety features. The safety features include front and rear parking sensors, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross traffic monitor.

On the CR-V, getting the most tech requires upgrading to the Touring model, the highest trim class available. This trim will get you a 9-speaker audio system, navigation, and the Honda Sensing safety suite. The Honda Sensing suite includes road departure warnings, collision mitigation, and lane departure warning. These features come standard on the 2019 RDX thanks to its own AcuraWatch safety suite of features.


When it comes to performance, the luxury SUV is going to typically come up on top in most comparisons against a standard SUV. In the case of the 2019 Acura RDX vs. 2018 Honda CR-V, this is no different.

The 2019 Acura RDX boasts a solo engine option: a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that produces 272 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. Compared to the 2018 model’s V6 engine, Acura has been able to improve low-end torque by 40 percent. This allows for quicker accelerations at low speeds and complete stops.In the other corner, the 2018 Honda CR-V offers a couple of engines throughout their trim levels. The base engine is a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder that produces 184 horsepower available only on the entry-level LX trim. On the other three available trim levels, Honda upgrades the engine to a 1.5-liter 190 horsepower turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.

If you’re buying a crossover SUV, you may not exactly be the target buyer looking for a performance vehicle; however, the RDX benefits from the increased ability to accelerate from a full stop much quicker than the CR-V.

This ability has many advantages in both highway and city driving. So when you look at engine performance, horsepower does make a difference, but the more important ability is how quickly low-speed acceleration can occur.

Which is Right for You?

According to Acura.com, the 2019 Acura RDX has a starting MSRP of $39,300* for the SH-AWD model. With the Technology Package, that goes up to $42,500*. Choose the Advance Package, which requires the Technology Package, and the price is $47,400*. If instead, you choose the A-Spec trim, that also requires the Technology Package, your MSRP will be $45,500*.

The 2018 Honda CR-V offers lower starting prices, such as the 25,650 MSRP on the base LX model with AWD. However, once you add features that can compete against even the RDX’s standard model, which would be the Touring trim, the MSRP shoots up to $34,150 with AWD.

Overall, comparing the quality of the RDX, its incredible standard features, and amazing performance, proves its worth over the CR-V. So if you want the best of the best, the 2019 Acura RDX is one of the best choices you’ll make not just in the luxury crossover SUV segment, but in any SUV segment!

*Prices shown are Acura suggested retail prices only and do not include taxes, license or destination and handling charge. Destination & Handling charge is $995 for sedans and $995 for SUVs. Acura vehicle accessory costs, labor and installation vary. Dealers set their own prices. Please consult your selected dealer.