Leasing 101: How to Get Into a Truly Worry-Free Lease

May 25th, 2017 by

The reason that leasing is such an attractive option for buying cars nowadays is because it offers buyers less worry than other forms of financing. For example, leases typically come with GAP insurance included, which means the lender will pay for any difference between the value of the vehicle and what the insurance company is willing to pay if you’re in a major accident.

But that’s just one of the most basic ways leasing makes car ownership a little easier. Below, we’ll detail a few ways you can make your lease experience as worry-free as possible!

Opt for a Prepaid Maintenance Plan

Most brands, including Acura, offer a prepaid maintenance plan that allows buyers to roll the cost of all planned maintenance during a lease term into the monthly payment of the lease.

Some may like it, others won’t; however those who like strict budgets won’t have to worry about unplanned costs by using an available prepaid plans.

Choose a One-Payment Lease

Like paying a car with cash, many lenders all for one-payment leases. As the name suggests, you make one upfront payment and the entire lease is covered without worrying about making monthly payments.

Set-up a New Bank Account for Auto-Payments

If you’d prefer not to make a one-time lease payment, you could set aside the cost of the lease in a separate bank account and have the monthly payment auto-drafted from that account.

That way the money is still available if needed, but takes the payment out of your regular monthly budget.

Ask About Specific Insurance Options

You may be asked about special insurance options, such as Wheel and Tire Insurance, when leasing a new car. These plans are typically very cheap, only adding a few dollars a month to your payment; however, they could save you thousands if your car is fitted with expensive wheels and tires from the factory.


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