Vehicle Protection Plans for peace of mind

Welcome to your automotive haven, where peace of mind meets the open road. At Sunnyside Acura, we understand that your vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation—it’s an investment in your lifestyle. To ensure that your driving experience remains seamless and worry-free, we proudly present our comprehensive Vehicle Protection Plans.

Our range of offerings goes beyond conventional warranties, addressing every facet of your vehicle’s well-being. Whether you seek coverage for unexpected repairs, safeguarding against the unseen, or simply enhancing your car’s longevity and appearance, we have tailored solutions for every discerning driver.

Explore our array of services, including Vehicle Service Contracts for extended coverage, Gap Coverage to bridge financial gaps, Total Protection Packages for all-encompassing security, and Tire and Wheel Replacement for a smooth ride ahead. Key Replacement ensures you’re never locked out of convenience, while Dent and Ding Removal and Resistall keeps your vehicle looking brand new.

For the meticulous car owner, our Prepaid Maintenance plans guarantee top-notch care, while Paint and Fabric Protection maintain the aesthetic allure of your cherished vehicle. As you embark on your journey, our Extended Warranties stand as a testament to our commitment to your driving pleasure.

Trust Sunnyside Acura to be your automotive guardian, providing not just services but a promise of reliability, convenience, and unparalleled protection. Because when it comes to your vehicle, we believe in going the extra mile, ensuring that your road ahead is as smooth and worry-free as the drive itself. Welcome to a world where your automotive dreams are not just protected but elevated. Come see our used cars for sale!

Vehicle Service Contracts


GAP Coverage