2024 Acura MDX For Sale in Nashua, NH

2024 2024 Acura MDX For Sale in Nashua, NH

Starting MSRP: $49,850


2024 Acura MDX

Base, Technology, A-Spec, Advance, Type S, and Type S Advance

In the world of luxury three-row SUVs, the 2024 Acura MDX shines as a standout choice. With its remarkable blend of sporty handling, a generously roomy interior, and a plush, comfortable ride, it offers a well-rounded package that’s hard to beat. What’s even more appealing is that the MDX presents a compelling value proposition, providing most of the sought-after features found in rival SUVs but at a more budget-friendly price point.

One of the key differentiators of the Acura MDX is its spacious third-row seat. Unlike some competitors, this third row isn’t relegated to occasional use only; it’s comfortably accommodating for adult passengers, making it a practical option for families and larger groups. Furthermore, the MDX boasts an available cabin intercom system, facilitating smooth communication throughout the cabin. Whether it’s keeping the conversation flowing or occasionally offering parental directives to younger passengers, this feature adds to the convenience and functionality of the vehicle.

The 2024 Acura MDX doesn’t just excel in practicality; it also caters to your entertainment preferences with a choice of two high-quality sound systems. This further enhances the overall driving experience, making the MDX a persuasive option for those searching for a luxury three-row SUV that delivers on multiple fronts, from power and performance to comfort and technology.

2024 Acura MDX

  • Comfortable three-row SUV with ample room.
  • Exceptional handling and performance in all trim levels.
  • 355-horsepower turbocharged V-6 powertrain on the Type S trim.